Transit of Minor Planets

Transit Of Minor Planets

A transit of a minor planet takes place when a minor planet passes directly between an observer and another heavenly body, obscuring a small part of that body's disc. From the perspective of observers on Earth, transits of the Sun and Moon by minor planets are very rare, as the minor planets orbiting between the Earth and those bodies are few and very small. Transits of the Sun would be more visible from the outer planets.

Transits should be distinguished from occultations, in which the minor planet entirely blocks out the light from the other body.

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Transit Of Minor Planets - Transits of The Moon
... It is theoretically possible for minor planets on an Earth-crossing orbit could transit the Moon ... However, such events would be extremely rare since only a few catalogued minor planets, such as 2004 FH, have come closer to Earth than the distance of the Moon ...

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