• (adj): Of or characteristic of a system of philosophy emphasizing the intuitive and spiritual about the empirical and material.
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Cartesian Meditations
... dissatisfied with the work in relation to its aim, namely an introduction to transcendental phenomenology ... The text introduces the main features of Husserl's mature transcendental phenomenology, including (not exhaustively) the transcendental reduction, the epoché, static and genetic ... France's greatest thinker, René Descartes, gave transcendental phenomenology new Impulses through his Meditations their study acted quite directly on the transformation of an already developing ...
Transcendental Wild Oats
... Transcendental Wild Oats A Chapter from an Unwritten Romance is a prose satire written by Louisa May Alcott, about her family's involvement with the Transcendentalist ... in her novel Work, published in the same year as "Transcendental Wild Oats." "Transcendental Wild Oats" has been reprinted in several modern editions ...
Logrithm - Analytic Properties - Transcendence of The Logarithm
... The logarithm is an example of a transcendental function and from a theoretical point of view, the Gelfond–Schneider theorem asserts that logarithms usually take "difficult" values ... numbers that are not algebraic are called transcendental for example, π and e are such numbers ... Almost all complex numbers are transcendental ...
Transcendental Étude No. 2 (Liszt)
... Transcendental Étude No ... "Molto Vivace", or Fusées ( “Rockets”) is the 2nd piece of the Transcendental Études by Franz Liszt ...
Transcendental Equation
... A transcendental equation is an equation containing a transcendental function ... Such an equation cannot be solved for one factor in terms of another ...

More definitions of "transcendental":

  • (adj): Existing outside of or not in accordance with nature.
    Example: "Find transcendental motives for sublunary action"-Aldous Huxley
    Synonyms: nonnatural, otherworldly, preternatural