• (noun): A written account of what transpired at a meeting.
    Synonyms: minutes, proceedings

Some articles on transactions, transaction:

Financial Reinsurance - Different Accounting Regimes
... Many financial reinsurance transactions, particularly for life insurers, have little impact on GAAP accounts and shareholder-reported profits ... Over the 2004-2006 period a number of financial or finite reinsurance transactions attracted regulatory scrutiny, notably from New York Attorney General ... In particular, a transaction between AIG and General Re through which the former buttressed its reserves was identified as transferring insufficient risk, and ...
Clearing House (finance) - Clearing of Payments
... Typical uses of ACH transactions are for automatic payroll programs, monthly mortgage or membership payments, or among non-profit organizations, as a ... MasterCard and Visa also serve as mandatory clearinghouses for transactions on their networks ... attempted to clear Visa transactions itself, but then Visa sued in order to maintain its monopolistic status on clearing ...
Royal Medal - List of Recipients
... Mathematics "For his Paper on Astronomical Refractions, published in the Philosophical Transactions for the year 1823 and his other valuable Papers on Mathematical Subjects." Dalton, JohnJohn Dalton Physics "Fo ... on embryology, published in the Philosophical Transactions for 1838 and 1839." 1840 Wheatstone, CharlesCharles Wheatstone Physiology "For his paper entitled Contributions to the ... their soft parts in the Oxford clay at Christian-Malford, Wilts, published in the Philosophical Transactions for 1844." 1847 Fownes, GeorgeGeorge Fownes Chemistry "For his papers published ...