Trans-European Transport Networks - Priority Axes and Projects

Priority Axes and Projects

At its meeting in Essen in 1994, the European Council endorsed a list of 14 TEN-T ‘specific’ projects, drawn up by a group chaired by then Commission Vice-President Henning Christophersen. Following the 2003 recommendations from the Van Miert TEN-T high-level group, the Commission compiled a list of 30 priority projects to be launched before 2010.

The 30 axes and priority projects are: A map showing the 30 projects, in PDF format, may be found here:

  1. Railway axis Berlin–Verona/Milan–Bologna–Naples–Messina–Palermo - map
  2. High-speed railway axis Paris–Brussels–Cologne–Amsterdam–London - map
  3. High-speed railway axis of south-west Europe - map
  4. High-speed railway axis east - map
  5. Betuwe line - map
  6. Railway axis Lyons–Trieste–Divača/ Koper–Divača–Ljubljana–Budapest–Ukrainian border - map
  7. Motorway axis Igoumenitsa/Patras–Athens–Sofia–Budapest - map
  8. Multimodal axis Portugal/Spain–rest of Europe - map
  9. Railway axis Cork–Dublin–Belfast–Stranraer - map
  10. Malpensa Airport - map
  11. Øresund Bridge - map
  12. Nordic triangle railway/road axis - map
  13. United Kingdom/Ireland/Benelux road axis - map
  14. West Coast Main Line - map
  15. Galileo - map
  16. Freight railway axis Sines/Algeciras-Madrid-Paris - map
  17. Railway axis Paris–Strasbourg–Stuttgart–ViennaBratislava - map
  18. Rhine/Meuse–Main–Danube inland waterway axis - map
  19. High-speed rail interoperability on the Iberian peninsula - map
  20. Fehmarn belt railway axis - map
  21. Motorways of the sea - map
  22. Railway axis Athens–Sofia–Budapest–Vienna–Prague– Nuremberg/Dresden - map
  23. Railway axis Gdansk–Warsaw–Brno/Bratislava–Vienna - map
  24. Railway axis Lyons/Genoa–Basle–Duisburg–Rotterdam/Antwerp - map
  25. Motorway axis Gdansk–Brno/Bratislava–Vienna - map
  26. Railway/road axis Ireland/United Kingdom/continental Europe - map
  27. Rail Baltica axis Warsaw–Kaunas–Riga–Tallinn–Helsinki - map
  28. Eurocaprail on the Brussels–Luxembourg–Strasbourg railway axis - map
  29. Railway axis of the Ionian/Adriatic intermodal corridor - map
  30. Inland waterway Seine–Scheldt -map

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