Traditional Korean Musical Instruments - Wind - Flutes


  • Daegeum (hangul: 대금; hanja: 大琴 or 大笒) – A large transverse bamboo flute with buzzing membrane
  • Junggeum (hangul: 중금; hanja: 中琴 or 中笒) – A medium-sized transverse bamboo flute without buzzing membrane
  • Sogeum (hangul: 소금; hanja: 小琴 or 小笒) – A small transverse bamboo flute without buzzing membrane
  • Danso (hangul: 단소; hanja: 短簫) – A small notched vertical bamboo flute
  • Tungso (hangul: 퉁소; hanja: 洞簫) – A long notched vertical bamboo flute; originally called tongso
  • Yak (hangul: 약; hanja: 籥) – A notched vertical bamboo flute with three finger holes; used in Munmyo jeryeak (Korean Confucian ritual music)
  • Ji (hangul: 지; hanja: 篪) – An ancient vertical bamboo flute with a protruding notched blowhole and five finger holes (one in the back and four in the front), used only in aak; derived from the Chinese chí; used also in Munmyo jeryeak (Korean Confucian ritual music)
  • Jeok (hangul: 적; hanja: 翟)
  • So (hangul: 소; hanja: 簫) – A pan flute; derived from the Chinese paixiao; used only in Munmyo jeryeak (Korean Confucian ritual music)
  • Dangjeok (hangul: 당적; hanja: 唐笛) – A small transverse bamboo flute of Tang Chinese origin, slightly smaller than the junggeum
  • Hun (hangul: 훈; hanja: 塤) – A globular flute made of baked clay originating from prehistoric times; end-blown like a shakuhachi making it not an ocarina (which is a whistle design)

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