Toyota Sprinter

The Toyota Sprinter was a compact car manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota as a variation of the Toyota Corolla. Each generation of the Corolla had a corresponding version of the Sprinter. The Sprinter was the result of a Toyota marketing approach of selling the Corolla at two different Japanese Toyota dealership networks, called Toyota Auto Store then renamed Toyota Vista Store in 1980, while the Corolla was always available at Toyota Corolla Store locations.

The Sprinter was sold in the United States as the Chevrolet Nova (1984–1988), Geo Prizm (1988–1997), and Chevrolet Prizm (1997–2002). The Nova and Prizm were manufactured in Fremont, California, USA by NUMMI, a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors. The Nova was also manufactured in Australia as a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors - Holden.

The Sprinter was replaced by the five-door hatchback Toyota Allex which in turn was replaced by the five-door hatchback Toyota Auris, vehicles all exclusive to Toyota Vista locations then by Toyota Netz locations.

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