Tom Strong - Collected Editions

Collected Editions

The Tom Strong series been collected into individual volumes:

  • Tom Strong: Book One, issues 1-7 (hardcover: ISBN 1-56389-654-0, paperback: ISBN 1-84023-228-5)
  • Tom Strong: Book Two, issues 8-14 (hardcover: ISBN 1-84023-456-3, paperback: ISBN 1-56389-880-2)
  • Tom Strong: Book Three, issues 15-19 (hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-0282-9, paperback: ISBN 1-4012-0285-3)
  • Tom Strong: Book Four, issues 20-25 (hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-0571-2, paperback: ISBN 1-4012-0572-0)
  • Tom Strong: Book Five, issues 26-30 (hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-0624-7, paperback: ISBN 1-4012-0625-5)
  • Tom Strong: Book Six, issues 31-36 (hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-1108-9)
  • Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom, issues #1-6 (paperback: ISBN 1-4012-3174-8)
  • Tom Strong's Terrific Tales: Book One, issues 1-6 (hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-0030-3, paperback: ISBN 1-4012-0029-X)
  • Tom Strong's Terrific Tales: Book Two, issues 7-12 (hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-0615-8, paperback: ISBN)
  • TOM STRONG: DELUXE EDITION BOOK 1, issues 1-12 (336 page Oversized Hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-2536-5)
  • TOM STRONG: DELUXE EDITION BOOK 2, issues 13-24 (336 page Oversized Hardcover: ISBN 1-4012-2680-9)

The short story Skull & Bones, the 64-page story The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong and the original one-page cameo from the ABC Preview are collected in

  • America's Best Comics (softcover: ISBN 1-84023-813-5)

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