Tir, tir or TIR may mean:

  • The French term for Schützenfest, a target-shooting competition
  • Tir (month), the fourth month (the first month of summer) in the Iranian calendar
  • Tir, Iran, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Occasional spelling of the Old Norse theonym Tyr
  • A woman thrall in Old Norse society
  • Total Internal Reflection
  • Tigrinya language ISO 639 code
  • Tirupati Airport, the IATA airport code
  • Traumatic Incident Reduction, a form of psychotherapy
  • The TIR Treaty of road transportation (Transports Internationaux Routiers, International Road Transport)
  • Toll/Interleukin-1 receptor, the cytoplasmic domain of TLR-4
  • Total indicated runout, a measure of roundness or concentricity in the production of machined parts
  • Total indicator reading, a more general extrapolation of total indicated runout, applicable to other areas of metrology
  • Total Immersion Racing, a 2002 racing videogame.
  • Tir McDohl, the name given to the protagonist in the Japanese novelization and radio drama adaptation of the video game Suikoden
  • INS Tir, various ships of the Indian navy

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