Thomas Wingham

Thomas Wingham (born in London, 5 January 1846; died there, 24 March 1893) was an English musician, known as a teacher and for his time at Brompton Oratory.

He studied music at Wylde's London Academy, and later entered the Royal Academy of Music, where he had for his teacher in theory William Sterndale Bennett, and, in piano playing, Harold Thomas. In 1817 Wingham became himself professor of piano playing in the same institution.

At about the same period he obtained the post of choirmaster at the Brompton Oratory. Wingham's musicianship was soon shown by the reputation of performances at the Oratory during his incumbency.

Among his compositions are four symphonies, six overtures, several instrumental works in smaller form, two masses, and a Te Deum. Most of them, though frequently performed during the author's lifetime, were left in manuscript.

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