Thierry is a French male given name, derived from the Germanic "Theodoric" and the cognate of German "Dietrich" and "Dieter", English Derek and Derrick, and of various forms in other European languages.

It may refer to:

Given name:

  • Theodoric of Freiberg (c. 1250-c. 131), also known as Thierry, early Dominican
  • Thierry of Chartres (died before 1155), French philosopher
  • Theodoric I, Duke of Upper Lorraine (ruled 978–1027)
  • Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine (ruled 1070–1115)
  • Theuderic II (587-613), king of Burgundy and Austrasia
  • Thierry, Count of Flanders (c. 1099–1168), also known as Derrick or Thierry of Alsace
  • Thierry Boutsen (born 1957), Belgian former Formula One race car driver
  • Thierry Breton (born 1955), French businessman and former Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry
  • Thierry Brusseau, French track and field athlete
  • Thierry Claveyrolat (1959-1999), French road bicycle racer
  • Thierry Cornillet (born 1951), French politician
  • Thierry Dusautoir (born 1981), French rugby union player
  • Thierry Fischer (born 1957), Swiss orchestra conductor and flautist
  • Thierry Gueorgiou (born 1979), French orienteer
  • Thierry Henry (born 1977), French football player
  • Thierry Jonquet (1954-2009), French writer
  • Thierry Lamberton, French ice speed skater
  • Thierry Lhermitte (born 1952), French actor
  • Thierry Lincou (born 1976), French squash player
  • Thierry Mariani (born 1958), French politician
  • Thierry Maulnier (born 1908), French journalist, essayist, dramatist and literary critic
  • Thierry Mugler (born 1948), French fashion designer
  • Thierry Meyssan (born 1957), controversial French journalist
  • Thierry Mutin, French singer
  • Thierry Paulin (1963-1989), French serial killer
  • Thierry Pastor, French singer
  • Thierry Roussel (born 1953), fourth husband of Christina Onassis
  • Thierry Ruinart (1657–1709), French Benedictine monk and scholar
  • Thierry Sabine (1949-1986), French race driver and founder and main organizer of the Dakar Rally
  • Thierry St-Cyr (born 1977), Canadian politician


  • Jacques Nicolas Augustin Thierry (1795-1856), French historian
  • John Thierry (born 1971), American former National Football League player
  • Mélanie Thierry (born 1981), French actress

Fictional characters:

  • Thierry, friend of Roland in the epic poem The Song of Roland
  • Thierry, in the 1621 English stage play Thierry and Theodoret

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