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News, Features, Arts, and Sports

The Daily's news section reports on Tufts events, campus politics, and student life. It also offers regular stories on community issues in Medford and Somerville.

The features section typically contains two to three articles offering more detailed perspective on student life and trends in academia, at Tufts and nationwide. It also publishes several weekly series, including profiles of Tufts faculty and students.

The arts section of the paper has been expanding. Beginning as a single article in the paper's first issue in 1980, the arts section now runs three to four articles each day, covering on- and off-campus events. From 1987 until 2002, Arts ran its "Weekender" supplement once a week as an insert magazine. Weekender was relaunched as part of the paper, rather than an insert. The new Weekender includes lengthy features, interviews with a national celebrity, and a staff Top Ten list. The four-page section appears inside Thursday's paper.

The sports section gives in-depth coverage of all Tufts varsity sports and occasional reporting on club and intramural sports. Analysis and profiles of Tufts athletes are provided through columns and weekly features, and major professional sports are also covered in weekly "Inside" columns.

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