The Troubles (Northern Ireland)

The Troubles (Northern Ireland)

The Troubles
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  • Battle of the Bogside
  • August 1969 riots
  • Battle of St Matthew's
  • Falls Curfew
  • Scottish soldiers' killings
  • Operation Demetrius
  • Ballymurphy massacre
  • McGurk's bombing
  • Balmoral Furniture Co. bombing
  • Bloody Sunday
  • Abercorn bombing
  • Donegall St bombing
  • Battle at Springmartin
  • Springhill massacre
  • Bloody Friday
  • Operation Motorman
  • Claudy bombing
  • Benny's Bar bombing
  • Dublin bombings
  • Coleraine bombings
  • UWC strike
  • Dublin & Monaghan bombings
  • Miami Showband killings
  • Bayardo Bar
  • Drummuckavall ambush
  • Reavey & O'Dowd killings
  • Kingsmill massacre
  • Flagstaff incident
  • Chlorane Bar
  • Ramble Inn
  • Jonesborough Gazelle downing
  • La Mon bombing
  • Warrenpoint ambush
  • Dunmurry explosion
  • Nellie M
  • 1981 Hungerstrike
  • Glasdrumman ambush
  • St Bedan
  • Ballykelly bombing
  • Maze Prison escape
  • Newry barracks
  • Ballygawley barracks
  • Loughgall ambush
  • Enniskillen bombing
  • Milltown Cemetery
  • Corporals killings
  • Lisburn van bomb
  • Ballygawley bus bomb
  • 1989 Jonesborough ambush
  • Derryard checkpoint
  • Derrygorry Gazelle shootdown
  • Operation Conservation
  • RFA Fort Victoria
  • 1990 proxy bombs
  • 1991 Cappagh killings
  • Glenanne barracks
  • Coagh ambush
  • Teebane bombing
  • Bookmakers' shooting
  • Clonoe ambush
  • Cloghoge checkpoint
  • Coalisland riots
  • South Armagh sniper campaign
  • 1993 Castlerock killings
  • Cullaville occupation
  • Battle of Newry Road
  • 1993 Shankill bombing
  • Greysteel massacre
  • Crossmaglen Lynx shootdown
  • Loughinisland massacre
  • Drumcree conflict
  • Thiepval barracks
  • 1997 Coalisland attack
  • July 1997 riots
  • Omagh bombing

Great Britain

  • Aldershot bombing
  • M62 coach bombing
  • Guildford bombings
  • Birmingham bombings
  • Marylebone siege
  • Hyde & Regent's Park bombings
  • Harrods bombing
  • Brighton bombing
  • Deal barracks
  • Downing St attack
  • Warrington bombings
  • Bishopsgate bombing
  • Docklands bombing
  • Manchester bombing


  • Gibraltar 1988
  • Osnabrück barracks 1996

The Troubles (Irish: Na Trioblóidí) is the most common term for the ethno-nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland that spilled over at various times into the Republic of Ireland, England and mainland Europe. The duration of the Troubles is conventionally dated from the late 1960s and considered by many to have ended with the Belfast "Good Friday" Agreement of 1998. However, sporadic violence has continued since then.

The key issues at stake in The Troubles were the constitutional status of Northern Ireland and the relationship between its mainly Protestant unionist community and its mainly Catholic nationalist community. Unionists and loyalists generally want Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom while Irish nationalists and republicans generally want it to leave the United Kingdom and join a united Ireland. The Troubles involved republican and loyalist paramilitaries, the security forces of the United Kingdom and of the Republic of Ireland, and politicians and political activists.

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