The Shoe People

The Shoe People was an animated television series which was first broadcast in the UK in April 1987 on TV-am. The Shoe People went on to be broadcast in 62 countries around the world.

It was the first series from the West to be shown in the former Soviet Union and became so popular there that they sold over 25 million Shoe People books.

The Shoe People was created by James Driscoll, who got the inspiration for the show from noticing that the style and appearance of peoples shoes told you about their owners personalities. He then wondered what stories these shoes could tell about themselves when they were new and when they had gradually worn out.

The theme song for The Shoe People was written and sung by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues.

A second series titled 'The New Adventures of The Shoe People' consisting of 26 episodes was commissioned using a number of new characters, however there is little known information as to how the episodes became in the public domain.

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