The Lost Books (novel Series) - Plot - Infidel (Book 2)

Infidel (Book 2)

Once home, Michal comes and gives Johnis a ring that belonged to the latter's mother, Rosa, before she was taken and supposedly killed by the Horde. Johnis quickly sets out to rescue his mother, whom he believes is in the Horde city across the desert. He, at first, illegally takes command of a Forest Guard division and leads them across the desert where they are slaughtered and he is only saved by the armies of Thomas Hunter who came to the rescue. Back home, Johnis is left to the council to decide his fate, but they let him go. He heads across the desert again with Silvie, the second chosen. At the outskirts of the Horde city they find Karas, daughter of the local priest—who owns the next book, as well as Johnis' mother—and helps them infiltrate the area. Inside they are captured, but saved by the other chosen Darsal and Billos. They escape with the third book, Rosa and Karas, who accepts Elyon and is accepted by Thomas.

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