The HBO Voyeur Project - Development


The Project was developed for HBO by Omnicom Group's ad agency BBDO. BBDO NY's Content Department hired production company RSA to shoot the content, Asylum for post-production & special effects, Search Party for original music, Big Spaceship for the site and PHD for media buying. The main wall film as well as "The Watcher" were directed by Jake Scott and the 4 exclusive interactive stories were directed by Chris Nelson.

Core BBDO NY team that conceived and produced the project --> Group Heads/Creative Directors: Greg Hahn, Michael Smith, David Carter. Executive Producer, Director of Content: Brian DiLorenzo. Content Producer: Jiffy Iuen. Interactive Producer: Sandra Nam. Hypermedia art director: Carlos Franco. Digital Writer: Kesu James,

The Project includes the main website, HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile exclusive content, MySpace pages for the characters from the stories, supporting websites, and additional content for those willing to follow the breadcrumbs or "artifacts" hidden in the other media. Clues /discussion about voyeur artifacts found at the promotional blog (which has been frozen/removed). The project was estimated to have cost between $7 and $10 million dollars, and took about a year to create.

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