The Grapes of Wrath (opera) - Musical Scenes

Musical Scenes

Act 1
  1. "The Last Time There Was Rain" - Ensemble
  2. "I Keep My Nose Clean" - Tom
  3. "So Long Savior"/"I Baptized You"/"Naked Tree" - Jim Casy, Tom
  4. "Gone" - Tom, Muley Graves
  5. "Not My Fault" - Ensemble, Muley Graves
  6. "Dusty Road"/"Promise Me, Tommy"/"Tricky Old Devil" - Family
  7. "Good Machine" - Ensemble, Al
  8. "Us" - Ma
  9. "The Plenty Road" – Okies ensemble, Tom, Family
  10. "Handbills"/"I Can't Tell You"/"We'll Find Work" - Ensemble, Ragged Man, Pa
  11. "The Zephyr"/"One Star" - Connie, Rosasharn
  12. "He Don't Understand" - Family
  13. "A Word for This Old Man" - Jim Casy
  14. Reprise, "Us" Act 1 Finale - Ma, Tom, Ensemble
Act 2
  1. "Truck Drivers" - Mae, Ensemble
  2. "Dry Blue Night"/"We Can Be Quiet"/"Rest Peaceful, Mama" - Uncle John, Jim Casy, Tom, Al, Ma, Connie, Rosasharn
  3. "Inspection Station" - Ma, Tom, Al
  4. "Like They Promised" - Family
  5. "Endicott Farm"/"My Plum Tree" - Ensemble, George J. Endicott, Family
  6. "The Fire in the Orchard" - Ensemble, Tom
  7. "Hooverville"/Hoovervile's Anywhere"/"No One is Goin'" - Ma, Al, Connie, Rosasharn
  8. "The Next Morning" - Ensemble, Family
  9. "Tent and Truck" - Ma, Rosasharn, Noah
  10. "The Creek"/"I Can Be a Help" - Noah, Ma, Ensemble
Act 3
  1. "People Again" - Ruthie, Winfield, Ma, Rosasharn, Ensemble
  2. "Square Dance" - Pa, Uncle John, Ensemble
  3. "Fried Dough" - Ma, Tom
  4. "Join the Line" - Ensemble
  5. "Riot at Hooper Ranch" - Ensemble, Family
  6. "Dry Blue Night"/"Things Turn Around" - Al, Tom, Jim Casy
  7. "Dios te salve" - Ensemble, Ma
  8. "I'll Be There" - Ma, Tom
  9. "The Day the Rain Began" - Ensemble
  10. "Boxcar" - Ma, Uncle John
  11. "Little Dead Moses" - Uncle John, Ensemble
  12. "Barn Road... Night" - Ma, Rosasharn

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