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  • In August 2011 Wizkids (owned by NECA) released an expansion set of the of the collectible miniatures game Heroclix, titled Superman that contained a large variety of Superman related heroes and villains. As part of this set there were five game pieces that were directly related The Death of Superman storyline. A Doomsday piece was released that showed the first appearance of Doomsday in his green containment suit with one arm tied behind his back. There were the four Reign of the Supermen! pieces, Steel, Eradicator, Superboy and the Cyborg Superman, each of which were featured in their costumes from that storyline. Each of these pieces gains a bonus on the defeat of a piece named Superman in a game. Finally, among the many Superman pieces in the set, there was a piece that featured long hair, the black suit and the crystal matrix from the Reign of the Supermen! storyline.

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