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List Of Archaic Technological Nomenclature - Domestic Appliances - TV
... The White Dot" Television sets, in the past, powered down slowly as the capacitors in the power supply discharged and the picture collapsed down to a white dot in the centre of the screen that then ... of the 1940s-70s do remember this moment as the set was turned off at the end of viewing ... Televisor A word used by pioneer John Logie Baird to describe what we now call a TV set "Don't Touch That Dial" An exhortation to remain tuned to the current ...
List Of Torchwood Items - T - Television Sets
... The Hub contains three television sets from Magpie Electricals, seen in the Doctor Who episode "The Idiot's Lantern" ...
Television In The Philippines - History - Origins
... James Lindenberg, an American engineer dubbed as the "father of Philippine television," began assembling transmitters and established the Bolinao Electronics Corporation (BEC) on June 26, 1946 ... for a license in Philippine Congress to establish a television station ... Lindenberg's attempt to put up a television station did not go to waste ...
Communications In South Korea
... Radio, and in more recent years television, reached virtually every resident ... By 1945 there were about 60,000 radio sets in the country ... Transistor radios and television sets have made their way to the most remote rural areas ...

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    Until, accustomed to disappointments, you can let yourself rule and be ruled by these strings or emanations that connect everything together, you haven’t fully exorcised the demon of doubt that sets you in motion like a rocking horse that cannot stop rocking.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)

    We cannot spare our children the influence of harmful values by turning off the television any more than we can keep them home forever or revamp the world before they get there. Merely keeping them in the dark is no protection and, in fact, can make them vulnerable and immature.
    Polly Berrien Berends (20th century)