Tek can refer to:

  • Tek, shorthand for Tektronix.
  • TEC-9 9mm firearm
  • Tek, a member of the hip-hop group Smif-N-Wessun.
  • Tek (drug), a fictional substance in the TekWar universe.
  • Jason Varitek, a baseball catcher for the Boston Red Sox.

TEK can refer to:

  • Traffic encryption key
  • Test of Economic Knowledge (TEK), a standardized test of economics
  • TEK tyrosine kinase
  • Traditional Environmental Knowledge, (TEK) knowledge of the environment in a given place.
  • TEK search engine ("Time Equals Knowledge"), an email-based search engine
  • Tekniikan Akateemiset (TEK), the Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers
  • Teen Evil King
  • Terrorelhárítási Központ, a Hungarian police agency charged with counter-terrorism operations

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