Tehachapi High School

Tehachapi High School is the single comprehensive high school serving students in grades 9-12 in the Tehachapi, California area, a 4,000-foot (1,200 m) mountain pass region between Bakersfield (Kern County) in California's central valley and Lancaster/Palmdale (Los Angeles County) in the high desert. Even though Tehachapi is in Southern California, because of its altitude, Tehachapi enjoys a "four season" climate, with occasional snow in the winter.

THS is part of the Tehachapi Unified School District, a K-12 school district. Tehachapi High School has a current enrollment of 1,500 plus, with District enrollment of approximately 4,900. THS has the reputation of being one of the preferred educational programs in Kern County, with test scores higher than many other high schools in the county, and highly-honored athletics and activity programs. Tehachapi High School was built in 2003 after the community passed a $1.5 million dollar budget to build the state of the art high school. It is divided into wings (Administration Wing, Library, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200), and is a very open school. There are no hallways at Tehachapi High (open walkways), except for inside existing buildings. The gym has been redone, and the cafeteria underwent a major transformation to the interior, giving it a very relaxing, cafe-like feel to students, with bar stools, booths, and individual seating to accommodate nearly 1,500 students. This was from funds that could not be used to pay staff, or for educational use, so the ASB Team got together over the summer, and redid the gym and Cafe. THS was also voted 6th best high school in California, and is a California Distuingished School.

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