• (noun): (military) signal to turn the lights out.
    Synonyms: lights-out

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Tragedy Assistance Program For Survivors
... Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is a U.S ... TAPS was founded in 1994 by Bonnie Carroll after her husband and 7 others were killed in a plane crash in Alaska ... Since 1994 TAPS has conducted National Military Survivor Seminars and “Good Grief Camps" ...
Topfield Application Program
... A Topfield Application Program (TAP) is a software application which extends the standard functionality of the Topfield products designed for digital TV ... Examples of TAPs are electronic programme guides, digital photo viewers and MP3 players ... necessary computer programming skills may create a TAP to meet their needs ...
Let's Tap - Gameplay - Minigames
... The game features the following minigames Tap Runner Up to four players compete in a side scrolling race along an obstacle course where they must ... The game is controlled with the speed of taps, with rhythmic tapping making the player jog, faster taps to run and a hard tap to jump ... Rhythm Tap Players tap in time to a moving timeline of musical beats ...
Cutaneous Rabbit Illusion
... A rapid sequence of taps delivered first near the wrist, and then near the elbow creates the sensation of sequential taps hopping up the arm from the ... near the wrist, evoke the illusory perception of taps hopping from elbow towards wrist ... modifies the perceived location of the illusory taps ...
Lourdes Water - Modern Times
... The water is collected in a cistern, and dispensed via a system of taps near the shrine, where pilgrims may drink it or collect it in bottles or other containers to take ... Over the last few years the system of taps has been progressively altered ... As of 2008, water is dispensed from a series of taps set into stone in a circle around the base of one of the smaller towers of the Upper Basilica ...

Famous quotes containing the word taps:

    She had thought the studio would keep itself;
    no dust upon the furniture of love.
    Half heresy, to wish the taps less vocal,
    the panes relieved of grime.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)