Tamagawa (玉川?) may refer to the following places in Japan:

  • Tamagawa, Ehime, a former town in Ehime Prefecture that is now part of the city of Imabari
  • Tamakawa, Fukushima, a village in Fukushima Prefecture
  • Tamagawa, Saitama, a village in Saitama Prefecture
  • Tamagawa, Yamaguchi, a town in Yamaguchi Prefecture
  • Tama River (in Japanese, 多摩川 Tamagawa) in and near Tokyo
  • Tamagawa, Akita, location of Japan's highest flow rate hot spring, the Tamagawa Hot Springs, in Akita Prefecture

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... Tamagawa showed that the mass formula was equivalent to the statement that the Tamagawa number of the orthogonal group is 2, which is equivalent to saying that the Tamagawa number of its simply connected cover ... André Weil conjectured more generally that the Tamagawa number of any simply connected semisimple group is 1, and this conjecture was proved by Kottwitz in 1988 ...
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