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European Campaigns

He attended the Mongol invasion of Lithuania with Nogai under the command of Burundai in 1259. Alongside Nogai Khan, he led the second Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1284-1285 and the third Mongol raid against Poland in 1287. Despite initial success most of attacks were unsuccessful.

As a matter of rule, Galichian and Rus' dukes were ordered to go on the raid on Hungary together with Tulabuga and Nogai as well in 1285. Although Nogai and his Tatars plundered villages and some cities, they were beaten by the Hungarian royal army and vlachs on their way back. For Tulabuga, his army strayed in the Carpathian Mountains and lost horses due to cold weather. Soon after that, Nogai made him the khan of Jochid Ulus and overthrew the previous khan. Tulabuga shared his authority with his brother and cousins who were sons of Mongke Temur Khan. Their next raid clearly showed disagreements and tensions among them. In 1286 khan Telebuga decided to organize the raid on Poland, and probably together with Nogai. For this purpose, khan Telebuga arrived with the armies to Nogai's headquarters but there was "a great disagreement between them" and in the end khan Telebuga moved against Poland himself. Khan Telebuga left part of his troops in Volodymyr (then capital of Galicia-Volhynia) and moved against Poland together with Rus' regiments. Note that Tatars-Mongols had plundered Volhynian land by that. Tatar-Rus' troops were advancing towards Cracow through Sandomierz and Zawichost. Mongols returned with 20,000 Polish captives.

In 1287, there was one more raid of khan Telebuga into Poland. This time together with Alguy, son of Mengu-Timur. On the way back, Telebuga was accompanied by Dukes Leo and Mstislav to Lviv. At this point Duke Vladimir, in the presence of Telebuga and Alguy, decided to pass his throne to Mstislav (son of Danylo). Duke Leo attempted to break this act later, taking into consideration existence of "his friend" khan Nogai, but Mstislav forced him to withdraw, explaining that the power transfer was made and agreed by the rulers of the Golden Horde and their counselors, frightening to complain to the Golden Horde.

In 1290, He and Nogai attacked the land of Cerco (probably Circassians or Kyrgyzs). Weather turned out to be cold. Nogai left him and returned to his Horde. The Khan lost all of his companions and troops except his chief khatun. Tulabuga suspected Nogai was behind the failure.

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