Taishi may refer to:

  • Taishi (surname), Chinese family name
  • Grand Preceptor, ancient Chinese top civil position, pronounced "taishi" in Chinese
  • Taishi, a rank of Mongolian nobility

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Taishi - People
... Taishi Endo (遠藤 大志?) (born 1980), Japanese footballer Taishi Taguchi (田口 泰士?) (born 1991), Japanese footballer Taishi Takizawa (滝澤 大志?) (born 1985), Japanese professional ...
Taishi Tsukamoto
... Taishi Tsukamoto (塚本 泰史, Tsukamoto Taishi?, born July 4, 1985) is a Japanese football player ...
List Of Dynasty Warriors Characters - Wu / Go / 吳 - Taishi Ci / Taishi Ji / 太史慈
... Further information Taishi Ci Taishi Ci is a hulking warrior who used to fight for the warlord Liu Yao before deciding to serve Wu after being defeated by Sun Ce in the Battle of Jiang Dong ... Taishi Ci fights with a pair of thick, club-like rods and dons full body armour ...
... He was a tutor of Buddhism to Shōtoku Taishi ... scriptures, which was written by Shōtoku Taishi ... He heard the news that Shōtoku Taishi died on February 22nd, 622 ...
Sangyō Gisho - Authorship
... traditionally attributed to the legendary Shōtoku Taishi, current scholarly consensus disputes this and the actual authorship of the texts are unknown ... The Nihon Shoki records that in 606, Shōtoku Taishi taught the Srimala and Lotus sutras, hence the believe that he authored all three ... to attribute the Sangyōsho to Shōtoku Taishi is the 747 Hōryūji Garan Engi Narabini Ruki Shizaichō (法隆寺伽藍縁起并流記資財帳?) ...