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Signature Tag - Commercial Sites
... skills or moved into the production of sig tags as a business ... They generally offer user-licences, customisation of their sig tags, and purchaseable downloadable elements to be used by the user in building personal sig tags ...
Slashdot Trolling Phenomena - Features - Tags
... Slashdot uses a system of "tags" where users can categorize a story to group them together and sorting them ... Tags are written in all lowercase, with no spaces, and limited to 64 characters ... Some articles are tagged with longer tags, such as whatcouldpossiblygowrong (expressing the perception of catastrophic risk ...
Site Screen - The Technology - How SiteScreen Works
... built into custom SiteScreen campaign tags that can be trafficked in adservers as standard campaign tags ... These tags enable the SiteSceen semantic technology to analyze webpages when a user visits them ...
... The use of tags to enable the rapid and humanistic organisation of data across collaborating enterprises ...

Famous quotes containing the word tags:

    So much for Mrs. Hollis’ nine months of pain and 20 years of hope.
    Alvah Bessie, Ranald MacDougall, and Lester Cole. Raoul Walsh. Nameless GI, Objective Burma, cutting dog tags off a dead GI (1945)

    Life is nothing but rags and tags and filthy rags at that.
    Christina Stead (1902–1983)

    Worry and brown desk
    Stain it by infusion. There aren’t enough tags at the end,
    And the grove is blind, blossoming, but we are too porous to hear it.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)