Systems Commonwealth

The All Systems Commonwealth or simply the Systems Commonwealth is a fictional intergalactic government from Gene Roddenberry's science fiction TV series Andromeda. It was born out of the Vedran Empire. The Vedrans, originating from Tarn-Vedra, which was their homeworld and the capital of their empire, were the first known race to discover the Slipstream, the only known way to travel faster-than-light. They built their empire by traveling to the different star systems and conquering the inhabited and colonizing the uninhabited worlds. The Commonwealth was a democratic federation of planets, drifts (space stations or orbital habitats), and systems. Depending on where you look, the Commonwealth (and its preceding Empire) was spread across Three Galaxies (referred in the fourth season of the show simply as "Tri-Galaxies") or Six Galaxies. It lasted for about 5500 years, starting with a time of political reform and ending with a violent civil war started by the Nietzscheans and subsequent invasion by the terrifying Magog.

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... by Kevin Sorbo, is a member of the Intergalactic Systems Commonwealth High Guard ... born in Visharna-Tarn, a city on the Commonwealth's capital planet, Tarn-Vedra, to a Paradine father employed as a highly paid gardener at the Imperial Gardens and a mother employed as a ... the Maru to join him and help him restore the now fallen Systems Commonwealth ...
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