SyncML (Synchronization Markup Language) is the former name for a platform-independent information synchronization standard. The project is currently referred to as Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization and Device Management. The purpose of SyncML is to offer an open standard as a replacement for existing data synchronization solutions, which have mostly been somewhat vendor-, application- or operating system specific.

SyncML is most commonly thought of as a method to synchronize contact and calendar information (personal information manager) between some type of handheld device and a computer (personal, or network-based service), such as between a mobile phone and a personal computer. The new version of the specification includes support for push email, providing a standard protocol alternative to proprietary solutions like BlackBerry.

Philippe Kahn was instrumental in the founding vision for synchronization with Starfish Software, later acquired by Motorola. The founding vision as expressed by Kahn was: "Global synchronization and integration of wireless and wireline devices".

Several major companies such as Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, IBM and Siemens AG already support SyncML in their products. Some products by now use SyncML for more generic information synchronization purposes, such as to synchronize project task information across a distributed group of team members. SyncML may also be used as a base for backup solutions.

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