Synaptic Tagging

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Metaplasticity - Synaptic Tagging
1784) has found a mechanism known as "synaptic tagging" ... new receptor proteins are being expressed and synthesized they must also be transported to the synaptic membrane, and some sort of chemical messaging is required for this ... required for LTP induction due to its "tagging" nature ...
Long-term Potentiation - Properties - Synaptic Tagging
... The synaptic tagging hypothesis attempts to solve the cell's difficult problem of synthesizing proteins in the cell body but ensuring they only reach synapses that have received LTP-inducing stimuli ... The synaptic tagging hypothesis proposes that a "synaptic tag" is synthesized at synapses that have received LTP-inducing stimuli, and that this ... Studies of LTP in the marine snail Aplysia californica have implicated synaptic tagging as a mechanism for the input-specificity of LTP ...

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