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After his retirement from Navy, Admiral Ahsan remained one of the notable Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy, with introducing more war programmes and educational programmes for the naval cadets. Because of his respected public image, Prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto made him the Chairman of the National Shipping Corporation in 1975 which he kept his position in 1976. During the military reign of Field Marshal Ayub Khan, Admiral Ahsan played a major and influential role in Ayub Khan's decision on both political and military affairs. Served as the ADC to Jinnah and Mountbatten, Admiral Ahsan strongly believed in state secularism, unity of cultures and race, non-discrimination policies, therefore, he advised Khan to promote his policies toward the secularism and progressive aspect. Admiral Ahsan rose to be country's second powerful man, with influencing Ayub Khan's major military decisions. Admiral Ahsan also played an influential and major role in Ayub Khan's policy that sidelined hardline Islamist, and diminished their political role in the public society.

However, Admiral Ahsan is most credited for founding Port Qasim - Pakistan's second port after exploring the coast around Phitti Creek in the 1966 and convincing Mr. Bhutto, President that time, in 1972 to locate the port there. Admiral Ahsan's years immediately preceding his death were quiet ones, and was put out of public eye during his last years. During his last years, Admiral Ahsan learned French and played bridge. On December 4, 1989, Admiral Ahsan peacefully died at home during the midnight. He was given an honorary Guard of honor, and burial with Prime minister Benazir Bhutto, President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey, and Chiefs of Staff of Army, Navy, and Air Force, and among others attended his funeral, and is buried at Karachi Military Graveyard.

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