Sayyid (, or, Arabic: سيد‎; meaning Mister) (plural Sadah Arabic: سادة‎, Sādah) is an honorific title, it denotes males accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali and Husain ibn Ali, sons of the prophet's daughter Fatima Zahra and his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Daughters of sayyids are given the titles Sayyida, Alawiyah, or Sharifa. Children of a Sayyida mother but a non-Sayyid father cannot be attributed the title of Sayyid, however they may claim the title Mirza for males or Mirziya for females, or they will claim the title Amir or Mir for males.

In the Arab world, it is the equivalent of the English word "liege-lord" or "master" when referring to a descendant of Muhammad, as in Sayyid John Smith. This is the reason the word sidi (from the contracted form sayyidī, 'my liege') is used in the Arabic.

In the early period, the Arabs used the term Sayyid and Sharif to denote descendants from both Hassan and Husayn. However in the modern era, the term 'Sharif' has been used to denote descendants from Hassan and the term 'Sayyid' has been used to denote descendants from Husayn.

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