SX may refer to:

  • An abbreviation for Supercross, a form of off-road motorcycle racing held in outdoor and indoor stadia.
  • SX News, a gay and lesbian newspaper in Sydney, Australia
  • Parallax SX, a range of micro-controllers made by Ubicom
  • 1000BASE-SX, a fiber optic gigabit Ethernet standard
  • Skybus Airlines's IATA airline code
  • SX, the aircraft registration prefix for Greek aircraft
  • Sx, a medical shorthand for symptoms
  • Single word eXternal, in the context of 386SX and 486SX CPUs
  • Sx or sx, is a digraph in the Esperanto x-system orthography, representing the consonant sound, normally spelled as Ŝ or ŝ in the Esperanto alphabet

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SX-10 - History
... SX-10 was formed in 1996 in Los Angeles, California by Cypress Hill member Sen Dog ... According to Sen Dog, SX-10 was formed because he had wanted to perform a different style of music ... SX-10 released its debut album, Mad Dog American, on June 6, 2000 ...
... SX-3228 is a sedative and hypnotic drug used in scientific research ... SX-3228 is a subtype-selective GABAA agonist acting primarily at the α1 subtype ...