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Swing (jazz Performance Style) - Rhythm
... For example, "Satin Doll," a swing era jazz standard is normally interpreted with a pronounced swing rhythm ... It was published written in 4/4 time, but at least some versions also note medium swing ... In dance music, swing rhythm generally refers to the meter of the music, rather than to this convention of notation, so any music played with the near-triplet timing ...
Music Of New Orleans - Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll
... such as Fats Domino helped shape what was first widely known as "rhythm and blues", which was an important ancestor of rock and roll, if not the first form of the music ... Bartholomew revealed how he initially superimposed tresillo over swing rhythm ... On "Country Boy" I had my bass and drums playing a straight swing rhythm and wrote out that rumba bass part for the saxes to play on top of the swing rhythm ...

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    Protestantism came and gave a great blow to the religious and ritualistic rhythm of the year, in human life. Non-conformity almost finished the deed.... Mankind has got to get back to the rhythm of the cosmos, and the permanence of marriage.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    Neither moral relations nor the moral law can swing in vacuo. Their only habitat can be a mind which feels them; and no world composed of merely physical facts can possibly be a world to which ethical propositions apply.
    William James (1842–1910)