Swimming Without A Net (novel) - Characters in Swimming Without A Net - Major Characters

Major Characters

Swimming Without a Net features the following characters.

  • Fredrika "Fred" Bimm: Fred has been continuing her work with Dr. Barb. She has also been thinking about Artur and Thomas, although neither have returned to see her since they both left. Fred has begun going on blind dates, but has had no luck in finding love.
  • Artur: High Prince of the Black Sea, Artur has not made contact to Fred since the previous book. He loves Fred and calls her "Rika".
  • Thomas: Thomas is a marine biologist and also writes as a romance author under the psydonym Priscilla D'Jacqueline. He has been busy working on his career.
  • Jonas Carrey: best friend to Fred and dating Dr. Barb. He continues to work as a chemical scientist at Aveda, a hair care company.

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