Swimming Pool

A swimming pool, swimming bath, wading pool, paddling pool, or simply a pool, is a container filled with water intended for swimming or water-based recreation. There are many standard sizes, the largest of which is the Olympic-size swimming pool. A pool can be built either above or in the ground, and from materials such as concrete (also known as gunite), metal, plastic or fiberglass.

Pools that may be used by many people or by the general public are called public, while pools used exclusively by a few people or in a home are called private. Many health clubs, fitness centers and private clubs have public pools used mostly for exercise. Many hotels have pools available for their guests. Hot tubs and spas are pools with hot water, used for relaxation or therapy, and are common in homes, hotels, clubs and massage parlors. Swimming pools are also used for diving and other water sports, as well as for the training of lifeguards and astronauts.

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Famous quotes containing the words pool and/or swimming:

    Just getting in the pool for seven straight hours is unbearable to me.... It’s grueling. There’s nothing physically pleasurable about it. If you’re doing a hard workout, you’re throwing up in the gutter. At night you cling to your pillow and just hope that your body revives before you have to go back and do it again.
    Diana Nyad (b. 1949)

    Whenever parents become overly invested in a particular skill or accomplishment, a child’s fear of failure multiplies. This is why some children refuse to get into the pool for a swimming lesson, or turn their back on Daddy’s favorite sport.
    Cathy Rindner Tempelsman (20th century)