A surcharge may mean:

  • an extra fee added onto another fee or charge
    • fuel surcharge, sky freight charges which represents additions due to jet fuel prices.
    • bunker adjustment factor, sea freight charges which represents additions due to oil prices.
    • surcharge (payment systems) charged when paying with cheque, credit, charge or debit card
  • an overprint that affects the value of a postage stamp
  • a surcharge (sanction) against a public servant who has abused public funds
  • any loading from above the soil line upon earth being supported by a retaining wall
  • Surtax, extra tax levied upon tax

Other articles related to "surcharge, surcharges":

California Proposition 1E (2009) - Proposal
... have authorized a fund-shift of approximately $230 million annually in income tax surcharge revenue currently earmarked for specified mental health programs under the terms of ... that would be diverted comes from a 1% state income tax surcharge imposed on the portion of a taxpayer’s taxable income in excess of $1 million ... In the past, this surcharge has taken in between $900 million and $1.5 billion annually ...
Inter City Express - Fare Structure - Netherlands
... In the Netherlands, a comparably low € 2 surcharge has to be paid for each trip on the "ICE International" ... Monthly and annual passes include this surcharge ... When travelling on a student travel card the surcharge also has to be paid ...
Local Government Finance In Kerala - Tax Revenue of Local Governments - Surcharge
... Grama Panchayats are allowed to levy surcharges up to 5% of the property tax for meeting any extraordinary expenditure by way of implementation of a scheme, plan or projects ... In Municipalities, a surcharge not exceeding 10% of any tax other than profession tax can be collected for providing any specific service or amenity ... There can be only two surcharges at a time ...
Warrior Run Generating Station - Warrior Run Surcharge
... of electricity, so Potomac Edison recovers the difference in this price through a surcharge on the bills of its customers ... This surcharge will end in April 2030 ... and the capacity bid into the PJM forward capacity market, with the proceeds used to reduce the surcharge ...