Supraclavicular Block

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Anesthesia Of The Brachial Plexus - Techniques - Supraclavicular Block
... onset of dense anesthesia of the arm with a single injection, the supraclavicular block is ideal for operations involving the arm and forearm, from the lower humerus down to the hand ... is most compact at the level of the trunks formed by the C5–T1 nerve roots, so nerve block at this level has the greatest likelihood of blocking all of the ... Compared to the interscalene block, the supraclavicular block — despite eliciting a more complete block of the median, radial ulnar and musculocutaneous nerves ...
Anesthesia Of The Brachial Plexus - Methods of Nerve Localization
... Despite the fact that people have been performing brachial plexus blocks for over a hundred years, there is as yet no clear evidence to support the assertion that one method of nerve localization is better ... For interscalene block, it is not clear whether nerve stimulation provides a better interscalene block than elicitation of paresthesiae ... spread of local anesthetic demonstrated an improved success rate of the block (relative to blocks done with nerve stimulator alone) even at the inferior roots of the plexus ...

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