Supervisor Mode

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Operating System - Components - Kernel - Modes
... Modern CPUs support multiple modes of operation ... CPUs with this capability use at least two modes protected mode and supervisor mode ... The supervisor mode is used by the operating system's kernel for low level tasks that need unrestricted access to hardware, such as controlling how memory is written and erased, and communication with ...
AmigaOS - Technical Overview - Libraries and Devices
... Unlike traditional operating systems, the exec kernel does not run in "privileged" mode ... the kernel functions run in the 68000's supervisor mode, while user software ran in the unprivileged user mode ... Mac OS on the 68000 even used supervisor mode for everything, kernel and application code alike ...
PDP-10 - Instruction Set Architecture - Supervisor Mode
... There are two operational modes, supervisor and user mode ... in memory referencing described above, supervisor-mode programs can execute input/output operations ... Communication from user-mode to supervisor-mode is done through Unimplemented User Operations (UUOs) instructions which are not defined by the hardware are trapped by the supervisor ...
Ring (computer Security) - Supervisor Mode
... In computer terms supervisor mode is a hardware-mediated flag which can be changed by code running in system-level software ... The idea of having two different modes to operate in comes from “with more control comes more responsibility” — a program in supervisor mode is ... Supervisor mode is “An execution mode on some processors which enables execution of all instructions, including privileged instructions ...

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