Superman: World of New Krypton - Plot - Issue 11

Issue 11

As Alura discussed with her assistant, Lyra on the councillor’s death and the rite of selection for a new council member, Lyra was shot. After escorting Alura to safety, Kal’s team managed to recover the weapon that shot Lyra, but the ease at which the weapon was discovered aroused Adam’s suspicion, There was genetic residues left on the rifle that matches Tam-Or, which suggested that he was the shooter that made an attempt on Alura’s life.

Kal reported his findings to the council and it was suggested that Kal was not seriously pursing Tam-Or because his mother was also from the Labour Guild.

Kal visited Zod who told him that it is not difficult with Kryptonian technology for genetic material to be planted. He concluded that Tam-Or is smart but not a tactician and could not be responsible for Mar-Ali’s death or the attempt on Alura’s life.

Kal and Adam met Tyr-Van and convinced him to lead them to a military facility lined with lead and soundproofed. They found Tam-Or and persuaded him to surrender. Councillor Zo and Commander Gor tracked Kal as there was some question about his loyalty. Kal was informed that Zod had resumed active duty and that he had been demoted back to Commander. Kal, Tyr and Tam were hit with the Red Sun beam while Gor gave the command to fire the kinetics.

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