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SKUD 18 - Background - Adaptations For Disabled People
... SKUD 18, the helmsperson may be a severely disabled sailor (SDS) so needs servo assisted steering, while the crew would generally control the sheets ... well as the first Paralympic class to specify a severely disabled sailor and a female in the crew, with both sailors secured (with quick release) to their centerline seats for safety ... being fail safe with a Severely Disabled Sailor (SDS) aboard in the worst situation, i.e ...
Sailor Moon Super S: The Movie - Plot
... anymore, but she seems unconcerned and orders that Super Sailor Chibi Moon be captured ... When the doors are opened, the children run out into the darkness, except for Chibi Moon ... Badiane lifts her into the air, commenting on the power she senses from Super Sailor Chibi Moon, and explains her purpose ...
List Of Sailor Moon S Episodes - Episode List
... visions, Rei is attacked by a powerful Daimon that Sailor Moon is unable to fight after it breaks her Crystal Star brooch, reversing her transformation ... The Daimon is defeated by a pair of mysterious new Sailor Guardians, leaving Usagi to despondently realize that a new conflict has begun 91 (2) "Crystal Clear Again" / "The ... Due to Usagi's inability to transform, the under-powered Sailor Team struggles to fight off the Daimon and are once again forced to rely on the mysterious new Sailor Guardians ...
Sailor Moon (character) - Special Powers and Items
... She must first transform into a Sailor Senshi by wearing a special device (usually a brooch) and shouting a special command, which activates the device ... Her original transformation command is "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" (when dubbed the "Make Up!" part was dropped.) She gains a new basic transformation sequence for each of the five ... more powerful and obtains new transformation devices, evoking "Moon Crystal Power" and later "Moon Cosmic Power." A transformation into Super Sailor Moon initially requires her to already ...

Famous quotes containing the words moon and/or sailor:

    on the instant clamorous eaves,
    A climbing moon upon an empty sky,
    And all that lamentation of the leaves,
    Could but compose man’s image and his cry.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    The sailor is frankness, the landsman is finesse. Life is not a game with the sailor, demanding the long head—no intricate game of chess where few moves are made in straight-forwardness and ends are attained by indirection, an oblique, tedious, barren game hardly worth that poor candle burnt out in playing it.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)