Sun Wukong

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Princess Iron Fan
... She refused to lend the Monkey King (Sun Wukong) her fan to subdue the flaming mountains ... Sun Wukong wants to borrow her fan, but she turns him down as the monkey has been on bad terms with her husband before ... Sun Wukong, however, is crafty and has ever better tactics for subduing his enemies ...
List Of Media Adaptations Of Journey To The West - Television Series
... the West, a two season television series produced by CCTV, starring Liu Xiao Ling Tong as Sun Wukong ... a 1996 Hong Kong television series produced by TVB, starring Dicky Cheung as Sun Wukong ... to the West II, starring Benny Chan as Sun Wukong ...
Bai Gu Jing - Main Characters - White Dragon Horse
... The dragon then fights with Sun Wukong but is no match and retreats underwater ... Sun Wukong hears from the Earth Deity that the dragon was placed there by Guanyin so he goes to find the Bodhisattva and learns of the dragon's origin ... he escapes to inform Zhu Bajie, who in turn, brings back Sun Wukong to save Tang Sanzang ...
Saint (manhua) - Storyline
... Sun Wukong's profile The stone monkey was born from the stone with the of earth and heaven.Lei Gong gets the orders from Tianhuang and does the heaven punishment with his children ... He's named Sun Wukong ... Lei Gong again does heaven punishment, Sun uses all his abilities to protect his master and his fellow students ...
Precious (Boukenger) - The Ru Yi Bang of Sun Wukong
... The Ru Yi Bang of Sun Wukong (孫悟空の如意棒, Songokū no Nyoibō?) is a Precious said to be the weapon of the legendary Sun Wukong ...

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    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)