Sulfinic Acid

Sulfinic Acid

Sulfinic acids are oxoacids of sulfur with the structure RSO(OH). In these organosulfur compounds, sulfur is pyramidal.

They are often prepared in situ by acidification of the corresponding sulfinate salts, which are typically more robust than the acid. These salts are generated by reduction of sulfonyl chlorides. An alternative route is the reaction of Grignard reagents with sulfur dioxide. Transition metal sulfinates are also generated by insertion of sulfur dioxide into metal alkyls, a reaction that may proceed via a metal sulfur dioxide complex.

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... An example of a simple, well-studied sulfinic acid is phenylsulfinic acid ... A commercially important sulfinic acid is thiourea dioxide, which is prepared by the oxidation of thiourea with hydrogen peroxide ... + 2H2O2 → (NH)(NH2)CSO2H + 2H2O Another commercially important sulfinic acid is hydroxymethyl derivative, which is usually employed as its sodium salt (HOCH2SO2Na) ...
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... Cysteine sulfinic acid is an amino acid containing a sulfinic acid functional group ... It is not a coded amino acid, but is produced post-translationally ...
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