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Space Suit - Spacesuit Models of Historical Significance - Russian Suit Models
... SK series (CK), the space suit used for the Vostok program (1961–1963) ... Worn by Yuri Gagarin on the first manned space flight ... No pressures suits were worn aboard Voskhod 1 ...
Space Suit - Spacesuit Models of Historical Significance - American Suit Models
... Siegfried Hansen and colleagues at Litton Industries designed and built a working hard-shell suit, which was used inside vacuum chambers and was the predecessor of space suits used in NASA missions ... Navy Mark IV high-altitude/vacuum suit used for Project Mercury (1961–1963) ... Gemini space suits (1965–1966), there were three main variants developed G3C designed for intra-vehicle use G4C specially designed for EVA and intra-vehicle use and a special ...
Advanced Crew Escape Suit - Current Specifications
... is similar in design to the Gemini spacesuit worn by astronauts from 1965–1966 and by the three Apollo 1 astronauts in 1967 ... The helmet and gloves are connected to the suit, via locking rings, a metallic gray in color (Gemini suits featured a gray neck ring and red and blue anodized glove rings) ... The suit has a Nomex cover layer in international orange color, instead of silver or white as in previous David Clark suits ...

Famous quotes containing the words worn and/or suits:

    I am worn out with dreams;
    A weather-worn, marble triton
    Among the streams;
    And all day long I look
    Upon this lady’s beauty
    As though I had found in a book
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    They are actions that a man might play,
    But I have that within which passes show,
    These but the trappings and the suits of woe.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)