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List Of Turn A Gundam Mobile Units - Earth/Militia - AMX-109 Kapool
... miner Sid Munzer to search the mountains for mobile suits ... His search yielded the AMX-109 Kapool, which would become the first mobile suit used in mass numbers by the Inglessa Militia ... Though the Kapool's ammunition was no match for the armor of Moonrace suits like the JMA-0530 WaDom, it was extremely effective against other suits ...
Swim Briefs - Styles - Racing Suits
... The most common racing suit styles are 1.5 inch to 3 inch paneled briefs (as measured by the height and length of the suit's side panel) ... The racing suit's main function is to reduce the drag of an athlete in water, thus improving his time ... For this reason racing suits are made of materials that hug the body, minimize friction and minimize water retention ...
Cougar Helicopters Flight 91 - Search and Rescue
... The normal practice on these flights is to wear immersion suits for hypothermia protection ... Survival times for adult men wearing the immersion suits in these conditions are estimated at 24 hours, but no signals had been received from the suit locator beacons ... According to the company's website, the suits are Helly Hansen type E452 Survival / Marine Abandonment suits with their own inflatable life jackets ...
Swim Jammer - Suits - Square Cut
... The square cut or square leg style suit is a form-fitting male swimsuit used as a slightly more conservative style than swim briefs for water polo and diving, or for recreational ... Suits of this type are named for the coverage that they provide to the upper thighs due to a square seam opening for the leg ... Square leg suits range in appearance from those similar to swim briefs with a slightly straighter front and wider side panelling (eliminating the arc appearance on the leg), to those resembling ...
Saturated Squeeze
... The key feature of the saturated squeeze is that it involves threats in all four suits, and all four threats are necessary for the squeeze to function ... in turn as one or more winners are cashed in a suit guarded by the other defender ... diamond stopper, East has the only club stopper, and the major suits are protected by both defenders ...

Famous quotes containing the word suits:

    An actress reading a part for the first time tries many ways to say the same line before she settles into the one she believes suits the character and situation best. There’s an aspect of the rehearsing actress about the girl on the verge of her teens. Playfully, she is starting to try out ways to be a grown-up person.
    Stella Chess (20th century)

    Let each do what suits him best.
    —Chinese proverb.


    The sole art that suits me is that which, rising from unrest, tends toward serenity.
    André Gide (1869–1951)