Suguru (written: 卓, 優 or 傑) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Suguru Awaji (淡路 卓?) (born 1989), Japanese fencer
  • Suguru Egawa (江川 卓?) (born 1955), Japanese baseball player and analyst
  • Suguru Hashimoto (橋本 卓?) (born 1982), Japanese footballer
  • Suguru Hino (日野 優?) (born 1982), Japanese footballer
  • Suguru Inoue (井上 優?) (born 1981), Japanese voice actor
  • Suguru Ito (伊藤 卓?) (born 1975), Japanese footballer
  • Suguru Kiyokawa (清川 卓?) (born 1978), Japanese bobsledder
  • Suguru Osako (大迫 傑?) (born 1991), Japanese long-distance runner
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