Successor States

In the fictional BattleTech universe, the Successor States (named such due to their being the "Successors" of the Star League) are the major military powers of the Inner Sphere, each governed by one of the Great Houses. Each Successor State has its own culture and customs.

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Second Yugoslavia - Legacy
... The present-day states which succeeded Yugoslavia are still today sometimes collectively referred to as the former Yugoslavia ... Remembrance of the time of the joint state and its perceived positive attributes is referred to as Yugo-nostalgia (Jugonostalgija) ... People who identify with the former Yugoslav state may self-identify as Yugoslavs ...
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... The main successor of Aquilonia was the Pictish Empire which had come to include the former Pictish Wilderness, Zingara, Aquilonia, Argos, Ophir, western Koth and western Seth ...
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... After dissolution of Yugoslavia, in 1991–1992, five successor states were formed Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1992–2003), in 2003 transformed into state union of Serbia and Montenegro ...
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... In 1991 the BTR-60s of the Soviet Army was passed onto the armies of the successor states and thus used in many regional conflicts ... hundred BTR-60s remain in service with USSR successor states and are in a process of being replaced by more modern vehicles ...

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