• (noun): A mood that represent an act or state (not as a fact but) as contingent or possible.
    Synonyms: subjunctive mood
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Soyez - Auxiliary Verbs - Avoir
... These are imperfect av- /av/ present subjunctive ai- /ɛ/ future and conditional aur- /ɔʁ/ simple past and past subjunctive e- (not pronounced eus, eusse are pronounced as bare inflections /y, ys/) ... are irregular as well Avoir "to have" Indicative Subjunctive Conditional Imperative Present Simple Past Imperfect Future Present Imperfect Present Present j' ai /e ...
Subjunctive Possibility
... Subjunctive possibility (also called alethic possibility or metaphysical possibility) is the form of modality most frequently studied in modal logic ... Subjunctive possibilities are the sorts of possibilities we consider when we conceive of counterfactual situations subjunctive modalities are modalities that bear on whether a statement might have ... Subjunctive possibilities include logical possibility, metaphysical possibility, nomological possibility, and temporal possibility ...
Soyez - Auxiliary Verbs - Être
... These are all pronounced differently imperfect ét- /et/ present subjunctive soi- /swa/ future and conditional ser- /s(ə)ʁ/ simple past and past subjunctive in f- /f/ ... For example, subjunctive soyons, soyez is pronounced with the y sound (/swajɔ̃, swaje/) of other -re and -oir verbs ... but the inflections are irregular as well Être "to be" Indicative Subjunctive Conditional Imperative Present Simple past Imperfect Future Present Imperfect ...
List Of French In Action Episodes - Entertainment
... Indefinite expressions subjunctive subjunctive of irregular verbs subjunctive with falloir and expressions of doubt position of souvent, toujours, jamais verbs in -yer personne and rien as subjects ...
Somali Grammar - Morphology - Verbs - Subjunctive Mood
... The subjunctive is used only in subordinate clauses and certain prepositional phrases ... The present subjunctive differs from the indicative only in that the vowel in the endings changes from a to o ... Future subjunctive uses the infinitive plus the present subjunctive form of doon ...

More definitions of "subjunctive":

  • (adj): Relating to a mood of verbs.
    Example: "Subjunctive verb endings"