Styloid Process

In anatomy, a styloid process (from Greek stylos, "pillar"), usually serving as points of attachment for muscles, refers to the slender, pointed process (protrusion) of :

  • temporal bone of the skull - Temporal styloid process
  • radius bone of the lower arm - Radial styloid process
  • ulna bone of the lower arm - Ulnar styloid process
  • Third metacarpal - Third metacarpal styloid process

Tibia and Fibula - Tibial process, fibular process.

  • 5th metatarsal of the foot - also known as the tuberosity of the fifth metatarsal

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Outline Of Human Anatomy - Anatomy of The Human Body - Bones
... Metaphysis Apophysis Tuber Tubercle Tuberosity Eminence Process Condyle Epicondyle Fossa Medullary cavity Endosteum Yellow bone marrow Red bone marrow Nutrient foramen Nutrient canal Ossification center Cranium ...
Lower Extremity Of Ulna
... head of the ulna the medial, narrower and more projecting, is a non-articular eminence, the styloid process ... The styloid process projects from the medial and back part of the bone it descends a little lower than the head, and its rounded end affords attachment ... The head is separated from the styloid process by a depression for the attachment of the apex of the triangular articular disk, and behind, by a shallow groove for the tendon of the extensor carpi ulnaris ...
Temporal Styloid Process - Structure
... The styloid process is a slender pointed piece of bone just below the ear ... Its proximal part (tympanohyal) is ensheathed by the vaginal process of the tympanic portion ... The stylohyoid ligament extends from the apex of the process to the lesser cornu of the hyoid bone, and in some instances is partially, in others completely, ossified ...

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