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Social Impact Theory - Contemporary Research
... Mullen conducted a meta-analysis that examined the validity of the source strength and the source immediacy ... Critics of Mullen’s study, however, argue that perhaps not enough studies were available or included, which may have skewed his results and given him an inaccurate conclusion ... A study conducted by Constantine Sedikides and Jeffrey M ...
Social Isolation - Background
... In a study conducted by Andrea Cockett, she focuses on children that are ventilator dependent and consequences that have been led by dependence upon technology ... According to a study that was conducted by Kimmo Herttua, Pekka Martikainen, Jussi Vahtera, and Mika Kivimäki, living alone can increase rates of being socially isolated and leading individuals to turn to ... This study focused mainly on alcohol mortality amongst people living alone in Finland ...
Communication Accommodation Theory Among Diverse Cultural Groups - Communication Accommodation Theory in Intercultural Communications - Communication Between Native and Non-native Language Speakers in Second Language Acquisition
... In a study conducted by Young (1998) for instance, high proficiency Chinese English Language Second Speakers interviewed by individuals with a higher degree of social convergence in ... language variations in second language learners (Beebe and Zuengler, 1983), this later study proved that “it is not interlocutor ethnicity alone that causes linguistic variation, but a collection of attributes (of ... In a study conducted by Zuengler (1982) amongst Spanish and Greek speakers learning English, subjects were asked both ethnically threatening and neutral questions ...
Flashbulb Memory - Accuracy - Stability Over Time
... A study conducted on the recollection of flashbulb memories for the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster sampled two independent groups of subjects on a date close to the disaster, and another eight months later ... Another study examining participants' memories for the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion found that although participants were highly confident about their memories for the event ... A third study conducted on the O.J ...
Anti-phishing Software - Anti-phishing Effectiveness
... A study conducted by 3Sharp released on September 27, 2006 tested the ability of eight anti-phishing solutions to block known phishing sites, warn about phishing sites, and allow good sites ... The study, which was commissioned by Microsoft and titled "Gone Phishing Evaluating Anti-Phishing Tools for Windows", concluded that Internet Explorer and Netcraft Toolbar were the most effective ... A later independent study, conducted by Carnegie Mellon University CyLab titled "Phinding Phish An Evaluation of Anti-Phishing Toolbars", released November 13, 2006 ...

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    A private should preserve a respectful attitude toward his superiors, and should seldom or never proceed so far as to offer suggestions to his general in the field. If the battle is not being conducted to suit him, it is better for him to resign. By the etiquette of war, it is permitted to none below the rank of newspaper correspondent to dictate to the general in the field.
    Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)

    Surely the one thing needful for a Christian and an Englishman to study is Christian and moral and political philosophy, and then we should see our way a little more clearly without falling into Judaism, or Toryism, or Jacobinism, or any other ism whatever.
    Thomas Arnold (1795–1842)