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Murder Of Eve Carson - Life
... She was elected president of the high school's student body and was valedictorian ... Carson was inaugurated as UNC's student body president in April 2007, and her term was due to expire in April 2008 ... Carson ran for student body president out of a desire to give to the university and empower UNC students to take an active role in their community ...
Body Substance Isolation
... Body substance isolation is a practice of isolating all body substances (blood, urine, feces, tears, etc.) of individuals undergoing medical treatment, particularly emergency medical treatment of those ...
List Of K.O.3an Guo Episodes - Episode List - Season 1
... March 28, 2009 Newcomer Lu Bu desires to take on the position as student body president, so he signs up to run against Cao Cao.┬┤Meanwhile, everyone worries for Guan Yu now that Lu ... Soon, one by one, the students and staff of East Han Academy begin to go missing as well ... Dong Zhuo releases all the students with a promise from Guan Yu - that he will support Dong Zhuo when he becomes Meng Zhu ...
Body - Antonym
... In the views emerging from the mind-body dichotomy, the body is considered in behavior and therefore considered as little valued and trivial in comparison to mind, spirit or soul ... that the mind is not something separate from the body, but is produced by physiological functions of the brain ...
Love Monster - Characters - Other
... Shou Osora Shou is Hiyo's father and former student body president of SM Academy ... by Kurou that Shou was the strongest student body president (stronger than Kurou's father) in his high school years (many claim that he is one of the strongest monsters) ... J's Uncle, absorbed his soul and took L's body He later was able to return to his true self thanks to Hiyoko ...

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    [The reason a man has] so much trouble with the Senate is that there isn’t a man in the Senate who doesn’t think he is better suited to be President than the President, and thinks he might have been President except for luck.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    But suppose, asks the student of the professor, we follow all your structural rules for writing, what about that “something else” that brings the book alive? What is the formula for that? The formula for that is not included in the curriculum.
    Fannie Hurst (1889–1968)

    Picture that orchard sprite,
    Eve, with her body white,
    Supple and smooth to her
    Slim finger tips,
    Ralph Hodgson (c. 1871–1962)