Stress Tensor

Stress tensor may refer to:

  • Cauchy stress tensor, in classical physics
  • Stress deviator tensor, in classical physics
  • Piola–Kirchhoff stress tensor, in continuum mechanics
  • Viscous stress tensor, in continuum mechanics
  • Stress–energy tensor, in relativistic theories
  • Maxwell stress tensor, in electromagnetism

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Stress Tensor - See Also
... Stress (disambiguation) Tensor (disambiguation). ...
Large Eddy Simulation - Modeling Unresolved Scales - Functional (Eddy-Viscosity) Models - Germano Dynamic Model
... In this case, the resolved turbulent stress tensor is defined as which is also called the Germano identity ... The quantity is the residual stress tensor for the test filter scale, and is the residual stress tensor for the grid filter, then test filtered ...
Stress Measures
... The most commonly used measure of stress is the Cauchy stress tensor, often called simply the stress tensor or "true stress" ... However, several other measures of stress can be defined ... Some such stress measures that are widely used in continuum mechanics, particularly in the computational context, are The Kirchhoff stress ...
Maxwell Stress Functions
... The Maxwell stress functions are defined by assuming that the Beltrami stress tensor tensor is restricted to be of the form The stress tensor which automatically obeys ... Substituting the expressions for the stress into the Beltrami-Michell equations yields the expression of the elastostatic problem in terms of the stress functions These must also yield a stress tensor which obeys the ...
Capillary Surface - The Stress Balance Equation - The Stress Tensor
... The stress tensor is related to velocity and pressure ... being dealt with, for the common case of incompressible Newtonian flow the stress tensor is given by where is the pressure in the fluid, is the velocity, and is ...

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